Summit Version History

SST Software

SST Summit Version 8.0.8  \\  Released:  May 24, 2016

  • Maps:  Improved Layer Loading
    • Upon navigation to a field, only the boundary will load
    •  Visible layer settings now in collapsible panel along left side of interface
    • New and previously loaded layers available for loading with a single click
  • Imagery Layers
    • Added more information to highlight provider and acquisition date
  • New Imagery Provider:  Botlink
    • Have added Botlink as a provider of high-quality imagery products
  • Numerous fixes and improvements

SST Summit Version 8.1  \\  Released:  Aug. 28-29, 2016

  • Yield migration to new yield architecture
  • Implemented sync changes to support new yield architecture
  • Support for new yield architecture throughout Summit

SST Summit Version 8.1.2  \\  Released:  Sept. 7, 2016

  • Numerous bug fixes

SST Summit Version 8.1.4  \\  Released:  Sept. 19, 2016

  • Yield Editor Functionality:  Yield Adjustments, Test Weight, Turnout Percentage, Standard Moisture
  • Numerous bug fixes

SST Summit Version 8.1.5  \\  Released:  Oct. 6, 2016

  • Re-introduction of yield imports
  • Yield Editor Functionality:  Flow Delay, Return to Original, Swath Width
  • Numerous bug fixes 

SST Summit Version 8.1.6  \\  Released:  Oct. 27, 2016

  • Numerous bug fixes 

Online Summit Version 1.0  \\  Released:  Aug. 26, 2016

  • Initial website release

Online Summit Version 1.1  \\  Released:  Sept. 6, 2016


  • Added browser support for:  Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox

Online Summit Version 1.1.1  \\  Released:  Sept. 22, 2016


  • Incorporated YouTube Tutorials throughout the site
  • Frequently Asked Questions added to the Help Page

Online Summit Version 1.1.2  \\  Released:  Sept. 29, 2016

  • Ability to monitor the status of an upload on the Upload History page. States below:
  • Valid Data Found – Indicates the upload has processed and found valid yield data. 
  • No Yield Data Found – Indicates that the upload failed processing and did not find any valid yield data
  • Processing File – Indicates that the upload has not completed processing
  • Added hyperlink to the Upload Complete popup for navigation to Upload History Page

Online Summit Version 1.1.3  \\  Released:  Jan. 4, 2017

  • Digitizing and Saving New Field Boundaries
  • Improved Grouping Logic for all Import Issue Pages

Online Summit Version 1.1.3  \\  Released:  Jan. 4, 2017

  • Digitizing and Saving new field boundaries 
  • Improved Grouping Logic for all Import Issue pages

SST Summit Version 8.1.9 \\ Released:  Jan. 12, 2017



  • Yield: Manually Merging Layers:
    • User now able to manually merge Yield data that is:
    • Same (Yield Schema + Crop + Season + Field). Yield Schema = Seed, Cotton, Sugar Cane, Silage. 
    • This also means a user is not able to edit a Crop across schemas (Corn cannot be changed to Cotton, for example)
    • Bug work having to do with properly enforcing which data layers are eligible for merging.
  • Deere EIC Components:
    • Update Deere components that are used for local imports/exports.
  • AgLeader Components:
    • Update Ag Leader components that are used for local import/exports. 
    • This addresses several outstanding bugs. 
  • Newest Precision Planting components (FODD) linked:
    • This means that a user will be prompted to acquire the latest Precision Planting FODD if necessary.



  • Sync Issues:
    • This was made highest priority of the duration for the sprint. This had a direct effect on the amount of new work attempted and/or completed in this iteration.
  • Recalculating Statistics:
    • Addressed an issue where we were calculating Wet Yield rather than Dry Yield when creating certain tabular reports. The data stored at the polygon level is/was accurate, but the values that were stored as pre-calculated values for consumption in these reports (and Aggregate Reporting Dashboard) were showing Wet Yield instead of Dry Yield.
    • Remedy: 
    • A Summit user will be required to recalculate all stats for all Yield: Seed (read: Corn, Soybeans, *, Wheat). They will be presented a progress bar at startup with a Cancel button. If a user clicks Cancel, they will be shown a message that lets them know that they continue to receive this prompt until such time that they allow it to complete.  AGAIN: It can be cancelled and does not prevent their ability to sync. They will be shown this prompt on every launch of Summit until they have successfully completed recalculation. 
    • If a report requires stats to be present, and the stats are not calculated, Summit will calculate the stats and store new values. 
  • Best Practice:
    • Let the process run during a period of inactivity. We understand that this has the potential to be very inconvenient, which is why we worked to make sure we do not prevent a user from using Summit while we clean up invalid data.
  • Offset Repair:
    • Situationally, Yield polygons did not have the correct offset values applied. This involved a Summit command in order to correct.
    • This required a migrate of data both locally and on the server. The local migrate of the data is not cancelable and must complete before a user is able to sync. This manifests as a Summit command and a user will be forced to look at it, unfortunately.
    • Why? If we do not force this to occur, it becomes possible that invalid data will be synced up and displace server-migrated data. This is to ensure that once data is migrated, it stays migrated.
    • How long did the migrate take? Some loose metrics:  3-4 secs for a 60 ac layer to migrate. 
  • Yield Monitor Serial Number:
    • We were not capturing and/or persisting Monitor Serial Number during import, whether it is done locally (via Summit) or online ( 
  • Local Imports:
    • All supported formats have a Serial Number available. Some formats (or datasets) do not support/provide Serial Number.
    • This does not address already-imported data, only newly-imported data. 
  • Online Import:
    • All supported formats will have a Serial Number available when format supports the concept of Serial Number and it is populated. Otherwise it will remain null and be expressed as "Unknown" in the Yield Editor within Summit.
    • Online Import had this ability restored mid-December. 
    • This does not address already-imported data, only newly-imported data.
  • Formats capable of supporting Monitor Serial Number:
    • AgLeader: AgLeader 3, Advanced Text, ILF and YLD
    • John Deere: Greenstar Original, Greenstar GS2/3
    • Precision Planting:  Yieldsense
    • Case: Voyager 1 and 2
  • Yield-by-Stats function properly after a Merge occurs: 
    • Addressed issue where background-calculated Yield-by-Statistics failed to execute after a merge via local import (Same Crop + Season + FieldID). Since the data has changed, the stats must be recalculated.
  • Yield not loading in Maps:
    • Have implemented changes to address this issue.
  • FarmRite Reports: Yield reporting as user-defined:
    • Addressed issue where Yield (points) did not map when a user-defined legend is assigned.
  • Viewing Tile Line operations in Records:
    • Addressed issue where Tile Line operations would not load in Records.
  • John Deere As-Applied with missing Seeding Rates:
    • Data-specific instances of as-applied data where Seeding Rate was present in the proprietary data but not captured.
  • Sync issues for comma-separated users:
    • Related to comma vs decimal separated values causing Fields to not sync properly.
  • Polygon Soil Sampling enforcing SampleID unnecessarily:
    • Resolved an issue that put a user in a position where they cannot select another polygon in a soil sampling operation and requires a user to populate SampleID even if user does NOT desire to do that.
  • Duplicate Report Pages - Imagery:
    • Situationally, Summit created duplicate pages when reporting imagery in Record Reports.
  • Summit FR Dashboard date filters:
    • Changed to inclusive rather than exclusive - e.g. selecting today's date returns results with today's date.
  • Cotton Analysis Surfaces:
    • Cotton Yield data was not properly communicating Turnout Percentage for task execution. 
    • This was a fix implemented server-side during Task execution - was deployed to PROD on 21 December
  • Generous Merging of Point operations in Maps:
    • User could merge non-compatible operations in Maps. Have now properly ensured that only eligible layers of data are merged.
  • YieldSense - Invalid files hang/crash Summit:
    • Summit will now survive invalid files and continue import
  • Sync/Yield - Set admin of future data:
    • Yield that is imported locally will now properly set the admin IF set to specify another user as the admin.
  • Yield by Management Zone report listing wrong crop in title:
    • A user has lost the ability to specify a report title in the report settings for Yield by Management zone. This means, whatever this value was when the ability was lost is what the report title has been ever since.
    • The Report Setting will now have the value that was previously used - a user will now have to change this report title if they desire to have Crop-specific text in their report title.

SST Summit Version 8.2.0 \\ Released:  Feb. 9, 2017

V 8.2.0 is a Patch Installation



  • Stratus now only supports Tile Line and Tile Point operations 
    • After this update, only Tile operations (Line and Point) and Grower/Farms/Fields will continue to be collected and synced to Summit. This means a user could have previously-collected data in Stratus that will not sync to Summit after this update. 


  • Added the ability to Export Recommendations directly from the Maps Section 
    • User will no longer have to navigate to Data Management to export their recommendations. User can now export recommendations they are currently viewing in the Maps Section. The Export Recs button will become available upon selecting eligible recommendations (Planting/Commercial Fertilizer/Customer Fertilizer/Tank Mix). 
  • Improved labelling of CEI layer in Maps 
    • User can now see what data is populated within a CEI operation in the layer label when layer is loaded in Maps. Behavior will be largely like the Viewer (i.e., If Planting and Fertilizer are found, the layer will display "Planting / Fertilizer."). 



  • Added the option to create a new multi-panel Product Recommendation Summary PDF report during the Recommendation Export 
    • Users can now create PDF output of all Product Recommendations included in an export instance. Each field included in the export will receive its own PDF (some exceptions apply). The page is optimized for up to six products, each of which will have a tabular summary and a thumbnail of the selected recommendation with static classification. 

agX Connections 

  • Reinstated the prompt to add Field(s) to outgoing connection post-sync  
  • Enhanced the Connections View by hiding rejected or empty Connections  
    • User's empty Connections (i.e., no shared Fields) or Rejected Connections are removed from the Home Screen and new Field Prompt. A user can only modify the hidden Connections by re-establishing the agX Connection and/or sharing Fields. 


  • New functionality added to email the error logs directly to SST Software Support Staff 
    • Users can now easily send error logs to SST Software Support. A user's default mail client will launch via the error logs popup, zipping up the entire contents of the logs folder. 

Bugs Fixed: 


  • Fixed an issue with unknown data formatting that caused Enalta Yield (Sugar Cane) import to fail due to unknown data formatting 


  • Fixed an issue with invalid TGT exports where certain products caused problems with illegal characters 
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the 'Filter by date' from working when exporting a FarmRite Recommendation 
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the export of a Lime product recommendation via export single shapefile, where the product was "Lime, Ag" 

Records Section 

  • Fixed an issue where no drop-down was active when opening a CEI operation within Records  
  • Fixed an issue that prevented results showing when the search was narrowed by date range and operation in the open dialogs box in Records 
  • Fixed an issue where no drop-down was active when saving an Operation in Records  

Maps Section 

  • Fixed an issue that prevented visible layer settings from updating when editing As-Applied or Yield layers in Maps.   
    • The text shown in the Visible Layer Settings was not being updated after a merge or an edit.  
  • Fixed an issue where a newly proposed agX Connection from Summit would generate both a  "new" and "old" email template 
    • Only the new is sent now. 


  • Fixed an issue that caused reports to fail when using Default Imagery. In some instances, a user would encounter issues if attempting to report when Default Images were assigned to a Field.  
  • Fixed an issue with a Boundary Map that generated the incorrect total field area in report . 
  • Record Reports - All Costs - Itemized - Report Settings 
    • Report settings involving breakdowns are honored 
  • Fixed an issue that caused cost reports to generate double lines for Seeds and Custom Fertilizers. The issue involved products associated with multiple companies that were not treated separately. 
  • Fixed an issue with Custom Fertilizer, where an Individual operation report was not reporting a specific data set  
  • Fixed an issue that prevented same Units of Measure for Sugar Cane yield data in both Maps and Reports 
  • Fixed Yield Map issue that prevented the Yield Histogram from fitting on the page. Histogram formatting was improved to accommodate large values, or a large number of classes.  
  • Fixed issues with the Imagery Report. Imagery Report now sorts images per field by date and ensures regionalized data formats are honored. 
  • Fixed the Pesticide Individual Operations Reports to prevent the report logo from falling off to the second page  
  • Fixed the functionality of Cost in the following reports:  Record Reports, Planting Reports, Individual Operations Report 
  • Fixed the "Infinity" values in the Planting Recommendation Summary by replacing with a dash  
  • Improved the formatting of the comments in reports to better accommodate attributes that contain up to 4,000 characters. Fixed reports include:  Operation History Reports, Individual Operations Reports, Scouting Reports and now include better layout and logo retention on the page. 
  • Fixed the Application versus Recommendation selector in the Soil Sampling Map so it is functional at report runtime in Record Reports 
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Soil Sample Record Report from including results in the output 
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when running recommendation report/soil sampling/individual operation history 
  • Fixed multiple data-specific bugs 


  • Fixed several Issues with filters in the Favorites Forms

Online Summit Update \\ Released:  March 3, 2017


Field Assignment – Add Fields  

  • Split Tool 
    • User now has the ability to add field splits to their newly created field boundaries.
  • Select and Delete Polygons 
    • User now has the ability to remove unwanted polygons by selecting them and deleting them. Added a keyboard shortcut. Delete key will delete any selected polygons. 
  • Edit/Add/Delete Vertices 
    • User now has the ability to move previously dropped vertices, add new vertices to a field boundary and delete vertices by clicking to select them. User must click on the field boundary to enable these features. 
  • Support for Interior Polygons (Cultivated or Uncultivated) 
    • User can author an interior polygon using the draw tool. After the interior polygon is closed, there will be a prompt asking the user if the polygon is cultivated. 
  • Field Boundary Area 
    • User can see the field boundary area being calculated as they are created. 
  • Show/Hide Observations 
    • User has the ability to toggle observations on/off to help author new boundaries when observations are dense. 
  • Grower/Farm/Field visibility for Existing Fields 
    • User can now click existing field boundaries and get Grower/Farm/Field name of the selected field. 
  • Minimum Polygon Rule 
    • Eliminated unwanted polygons by removing the users ability to inadvertently create polygons that are smaller than .05 acre. 
  • Point Clustering 
    • This feature down-samples yield observations if their radius is within two pixels. User will see greatly improved performance of loading exceptions with high observation count.


Bugs Fixed: 


  • Improved handling of attempted save of a duplicate Dictionary entry. 
  • Improved "Draw to Select" tool when selecting observations. 
  • Added point clustering to improve performance for large observation count exceptions. 
  • Corrected spelling on error popups. 
  • Firefox – Fixed dropdown that prevented users from matching Crop Assignment. 
  • Southern Hemisphere issue retrieving exceptions. 

SST Summit Version 8.2.1 \\ Released:  March 14, 2017



  • Override Default Products while placing FarmRite order 
    • During FarmRite order time, a user can specify a product to use when creating product recommendations, which will displace previously-established Default Products. This feature will allow the user to easily create product recommendations. If a product is not specified during the FarmRite order, the Defaults Products will behave the same as currently.  



  • Added support for additional Veris measurements (OM, CEC, pH, BpH) 
    • The user will see the following UI changes: 
      • Top-level dropdown value is now Soil Sensor (formally EC Data) 
      • Middle-level dropdown value is now Manufacturer 
      • Bottom dropdown contains manufacturer-specific data formats for import 
    • New FarmRite tasks will be necessary to leverage newly-supported attributes (OM, CEC, pH, BpH) 
  • Trimble As-Applied 
    • Support for Trimble Planting, Fertilizer and Tank Mix as-applied data has been added 
  • Update Raven Viper 4 As-Applied format 
    • Updated format for Viper 4 v. 3.5 as it relates to as-applied data 


  • Link to Version History 
    • Users now have access to Version History via Home >> Settings >> SST Summit Info. This action will launch the default browser and navigate a user to the Version History page on the SST website. 
  • Installer version visible 
    • Users will now have visibility into installer version of Summit. This will allow a user to more simply communicate currently-installed version. Available:  Home >> Settings >> SST Summit Info (top of form) 


  • Fixed an issue where SampleID is lost during Soil Sampling (results) import if sorting is applied. 
  • Fixed an issue where invalid Fields would cause an as-applied import to fail. 
  • Improved Enalta Sugar Cane to remove invalid observations to facilitate successful import. 


  • Fixed an issue where CaseIH Custom Fertilizer loadsheets failed to display the units of measure for the numeric value displayed. 
  • Fixed an issue where a user was unable to export recommendations via John Deere Wireless Data Transfer if attempted from Data Management. 


  • Improved memory efficiency for Planting Summary Reports. 

Field Management 

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Combine Fields action in certain situations. 
  • Fixed an issue where result of Combine Fields action could cause Yield data to be deleted. 


  • Fixed an issue that prevented yield from merging in certain situations. 
  • Improved formatting for the Info All Layers tool where Comments are voluminous.  


  • Fixed an issue that showed a doubling of fields in certain situations. 
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in a blank report. 
  • Fixed an issue where a user was unable to modify Output Settings in Logistics Manager.  


  • Fixed an issue that prevented a user from fully accessing the post-Sync UI.  
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a user from viewing as-applied edits in the sync log. 


  • Fixed an issue that prevented automatic download of soil types data. 

SST Summit Version 8.2.2  \\ Released:  March 23, 2017


  • Fixed an issue related to a data migrate of soil sensor data causing a user to experience an inability to sync post-update. 
  • Fixed an issue having to do with transferring administration rights on newly-supported pH data (from soil sensor import). 
  • Fixed an issue where Product Recommendation Override was not successful for tasks without user parameters. 
  • Fixed an issue where Product Recommendation Override for tasks without parameters selection would cause a user to address non-nutrient recommendation tasks as part of a FarmRite order.
  • Fixed an issue with logistics where a user was unable to send a dispatch request for new data. 
  • Fixed an issue where certain tabular FarmRite reports had logos that were not properly sized. 
  • Fixed an issue where Product Summary Report was not properly calculating values when set to metric unit of measure. 
  • Improved background imagery source. 

SST Summit Version 8.2.3  \\ Released:  March 30, 2017


  • Fixed an issue with Ag Leader 3 format. 
  • Fixed an issue where a user is presented an error message during recommendation export from Maps. Recommendation would be successfully delivered, but the message would leave the user to believe that it failed. Affected format was Raven Slingshot and was only encountered if exporting from the Maps section.
  • Fixed an issue where text labels were misaligned with drop downs and text boxes when placing a FarmRite order.

SST Summit Version 8.2.4  \\ Released:  May 11, 2017



  • Soil Sampling (points) Merge 
    • Soil sampling merge improvement:  User is no longer limited by event date. 
  • Soil Sensor Visibility 
    • Added descriptive information for soil sensor layers in Available Layers panel. 


  • Improved ability to support new image products and providers without an application update.  


  • Record Reports 
    • Improved legend cycling to visibly differentiate amongst many more classes. An example of an improved report is Yield by Management Zone. 


  • Yield Editor 
    • Improved Crop Settings interface to make "Apply" button available only once an edit was made. 
  • Available Layers Panel 
    • Improved labeling for soil sensor data. 
  • Records 
    • Renamed "Scouting - All" to "Scouting." 



  • As-Applied 
    • Fixed an issue where certain Raven as-applied data sets were not properly read as a dry product and limited the user to select liquid products when matching products during import. 


  • Shapefile 
    • Fixed an issue where "Create multi-product Recommendations(s)" is checked by default. This will now always be unchecked until modified by the user. 
  • SST Package 
    • Fixed an issue where a user was able to export management zones for invalid fields, thus including the invalid field in an SST package export. 


  • Aggregate Reporting Dashboard (ARD) 
    • Fixed several issues preventing data from being calculated for consumption in ARD. 
  • Record Reports 
    • Fixed an issue where an updated logo was not used in report. 
    • Fixed an issue where soil sampling report would fail to generate. 
  • FarmRite Reports 
    • Fixed an issue where polygon soil test data would not map properly if user-defined legend was applied. 


  • Mapping Panel 
    • Fixed an issue where an edit to a product recommendation name would cause characters to be removed from the name. 
    • Fixed an issue where soil sensor data would occasionally fail to load in Maps. 
    • Improved performance for clipping for fields with a high polygon count and high grid count (e.g. imagery data). 
  • Routing Map 
    • Fixed an issue where the routing map popup would open behind Summit, hiding it from the user's view. 
  • Management Zone Tool 
    • Fixed an issue where zone creation would yield an application crash. 


  • Default Product Override 
    • Fixed an issue where a user was able to create Default Products that have duplicate names.  


  • Soil Sensor 
    • Fixed layout issue where not all information was visible if user had Portuguese language setting applied.


SST Summit Version 8.3.0  \\ Released:  June 27, 2017



  • Added support for as-applied data for anhydrous ammonia that is measured as a volume.  


  • Mapping 
    • Improved performance dramatically when clipping large raster data for complex fields. 
  • Yield Editor 
    • Renamed Flow Delay to Flow Shift to better communicate how the data is modified. 
    • Improved usability of the Monitor Settings tab. 


  • Recommendation Export 
    • Added support for local export of Slingshot payload. Option can be found in recommendation exports by selecting Raven and then Slingshot to Local.  
    • Payload is accessed via USB in the Viper 4 display and is referenced as an agX Recommendation Package in the interface. Viper 4 Version 2.5.0 or greater required to consume. 


  • Default Product Override 
    • Newly created Products are selected automatically. 



  • SST Packages 
    • Fixed an issue that prevented import of SST packages created in FarmCrawler. Support limited to importing Growers/Farms/Fields only. 
  • Soil Sampling (Results) 
    • Fixed an issue where it was possible to save invalid Soil Sampling operations. 
  • As-Applied 
    • Fixed an issue where a user was unable to properly import data if electing to not clip during batch import. 
    • Fixed multiple issues for Raven as-applied fertilizer and planting data. 
  • Yield 
    • Fixed an issue where user set to use Portuguese were unable to import Enalta data.


  • John Deere - Rx Shapefile 
    • Fixed an issue where red text was not properly showing visual cutoff when used in-cab.  
  • John Deere - Wireless Data Transfer 
    • Modified multi-part shapefiles such that in-cab display is able to successfully convert. 
    • Fixed an issue where multiple exports sent in one instance would occasionally fail to arrive at the display.


  • Fixed an issue where performance lagged for operations with a high polygon count when toggling spatial selections. 


  • FarmRite Reports 
    • Fixed an issue where certain data sets would not successfully map cotton analysis surfaces. 
    • Fixed an issue where logos were not sized consistently for reports containing tables. 

Record Reports 

  • Fixed an issue where Seasonal Harvest Summary report was unsuccessful for certain data sets. 

Planning Reports 

  • Fixed an issue where logos could not be removed. 
  • Fixed an issue where report would not generate if a Cost Group had not been assigned to a Scenario. 


  • Management Zone Tool 
    • Fixed an issue where classes were combined arbitrarily.  
    • Fixed an issue where comma decimal was not honored for minimum polygon settings. 
    • Fixed an issue where it was possible to save invalid management zones. 


  • Installation 
    • Fixed an issue where a new install could crash upon first use.