SST Software

The Farm GIS Specialist's Best Friend

SST Summit Professional is precision ag software utilized by industry leaders for the processing of raw farm data into valuable information reports. In conjunction with FarmRite's data processing services, Summit Professional is a hybrid solution between desktop software and cloud-based services. This allows for the power of a desktop GIS with the benefits of cloud technologies for automated processing, data synchronization, storage, and product delivery.

What does this mean? For the GIS technician, Summit Professional allows for the processing of more acres with minimal increase in workload. For multi-site organizations, quality standards are maintained while product offerings stay consistent yet customizable across regions. SST Summit is available on two levels. Summit Professional for the processing of valuable information reports and Summit basic for field-technicians, growers, and farm managers. Over 80 million acres are currently managed by Summit users.

Create field boundaries using high-resolution geo-referenced imagery.

Import, view, and create map layers of your spatial data.

Keep accurate spatial records using drop-down pick lists.

Create valuable information reports of farm operations.

View aggregate correlation reports across your operations. 

Create soil sampling schemes and bar-code reports for easy lab import.

Create custom & layer specific management zones within a field.

Backup and exchange data between collaborating parties via SyncNow.

Keep an eye on current weather conditions, forecasts, & warnings.

Increase efficiency with FarmRite's automated processing capabilities. 

Create variable rate fertility maps and product application files.

Export product files and load sheets for single or multi-bin applicators.

Generate advanced multi-variable FarmRite reports.

Compare different plans and cost scenarios across your farm.

Send, receive, & monitor dispatch requests for applications.

Supported Data Formats

SST Summit supports numerous data formats for soil test labs, controllers, application hardware, yield monitors, and field mapping.

Click here to view data format list.

Minimum System Requirements: Windows 7, 8 | Compatible with 32 or 64 bit systems | 1.5+ GHz Processor Speed | 4 GB RAM | 100+ GB Hard Drive Size | Fast Ethernet LAN

Recommended System Requirements:  Windows 7, 8 | Compatible with 64 bit systems | 2.5+ GHz Processor Speed | 8 GB RAM | 250+ GB Hard Drive Size | Fast Ethernet LAN