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Your Crops Whisper For Help Before They Shout

The benefits of using remote sensing to aid in crop production have excited researchers for decades. By measuring the intensity of light reflected from plants in various bands, such as blue, green, red, and near-infrared, zones of stress can be identified within a field significantly sooner than with the naked eye. Crop yields can easily be boosted by using imagery to assist in scouting, identifying nitrogen deficiencies, and detecting faulty application equipment within fertilizer and irrigation systems. Common examples of field scenarios captured with multi-spectral imagery are shared within the Field Examples section.

SST's Remote Sensing Heritage
SST Software is no stranger to remote sensing. Throughout the 1990's, the company conducted remote sensing trials throughout the U.S. and attempted early prototypes of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Recognizing that outside technologies needed to mature before remote sensing would be economically feasible for the grower, SST waited. Over ten years have passed, and technologies such as digital cameras and the internet have now matured significantly to capture and deliver high quality imagery at a price point that can be economically beneficial to farmers. Furthermore, SST's suite of software provides a delivery system that can integrate imagery analysis with other field map layers.  

Imagery Acquisition

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To ensure the timely processing and delivery of high-quality imagery, SST Software has partnered with reputable imagery providers. Using SST's applications, service providers may order imagery acquisition services within their specified date ranges; the imagery is then delivered through SST Summit. Imagery acquisition is currently available in specific parts of the U.S., Canada, and Australia. 

Measuring plant reflectivity provides insights on crop health. This section provides an overview of how plants interact with light spectrums.

Wondering how imagery is used to enhance crop productivity? Here are some real-world examples covering numerous scenarios.

Satellite? Airplane? UAV? As the battle for the best acquisition option heats up, we'll review the pros and cons of each.

Desire to acquire a deeper understanding of remote sensing and imagery? Check back soon for more in-depth training.

The value of imagery depends upon a timely delivery. SST provides a fully integrated system for ordering and delivery of imagery products.

These Best Management Practices (BMPs) guide you in extracting the most value when integrating imagery in your operations.