Summit Version History

SST Software

SST Summit Version 8.0.8  \\  Released:  May 24, 2016

  • Maps:  Improved Layer Loading
    • Upon navigation to a field, only the boundary will load
    •  Visible layer settings now in collapsible panel along left side of interface
    • New and previously loaded layers available for loading with a single click
  • Imagery Layers
    • Added more information to highlight provider and acquisition date
  • New Imagery Provider:  Botlink
    • Have added Botlink as a provider of high-quality imagery products
  • Numerous fixes and improvements

SST Summit Version 8.1  \\  Released:  Aug. 28-29, 2016

  • Yield migration to new yield architecture
  • Implemented sync changes to support new yield architecture
  • Support for new yield architecture throughout Summit

SST Summit Version 8.1.2  \\  Released:  Sept. 7, 2016

  • Numerous bug fixes

SST Summit Version 8.1.4  \\  Released:  Sept. 19, 2016

  • Yield Editor Functionality:  Yield Adjustments, Test Weight, Turnout Percentage, Standard Moisture
  • Numerous bug fixes

SST Summit Version 8.1.5  \\  Released:  Oct. 6, 2016

  • Re-introduction of yield imports
  • Yield Editor Functionality:  Flow Delay, Return to Original, Swath Width
  • Numerous bug fixes 

SST Summit Version 8.1.6  \\  Released:  Oct. 27, 2016

  • Numerous bug fixes 

Online Summit Version 1.0  \\  Released:  Aug. 26, 2016

  • Initial website release

Online Summit Version 1.1  \\  Released:  Sept. 6, 2016


  • Added browser support for:  Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox

Online Summit Version 1.1.1  \\  Released:  Sept. 22, 2016


  • Incorporated YouTube Tutorials throughout the site
  • Frequently Asked Questions added to the Help Page

Online Summit Version 1.1.2  \\  Released:  Sept. 29, 2016

  • Ability to monitor the status of an upload on the Upload History page. States below:
  • Valid Data Found – Indicates the upload has processed and found valid yield data. 
  • No Yield Data Found – Indicates that the upload failed processing and did not find any valid yield data
  • Processing File – Indicates that the upload has not completed processing
  • Added hyperlink to the Upload Complete popup for navigation to Upload History Page

Online Summit Version 1.1.3  \\  Released:  Jan. 4, 2017

  • Digitizing and Saving New Field Boundaries
  • Improved Grouping Logic for all Import Issue Pages

Online Summit Version 1.1.3  \\  Released:  Jan. 4, 2017

  • Digitizing and Saving new field boundaries 
  • Improved Grouping Logic for all Import Issue pages

SST Summit Version 8.1.9 \\ Released:  Jan. 12, 2017



  • Yield: Manually Merging Layers:
    • User now able to manually merge Yield data that is:
    • Same (Yield Schema + Crop + Season + Field). Yield Schema = Seed, Cotton, Sugar Cane, Silage. 
    • This also means a user is not able to edit a Crop across schemas (Corn cannot be changed to Cotton, for example)
    • Bug work having to do with properly enforcing which data layers are eligible for merging.
  • Deere EIC Components:
    • Update Deere components that are used for local imports/exports.
  • AgLeader Components:
    • Update Ag Leader components that are used for local import/exports. 
    • This addresses several outstanding bugs. 
  • Newest Precision Planting components (FODD) linked:
    • This means that a user will be prompted to acquire the latest Precision Planting FODD if necessary.



  • Sync Issues:
    • This was made highest priority of the duration for the sprint. This had a direct effect on the amount of new work attempted and/or completed in this iteration.
  • Recalculating Statistics:
    • Addressed an issue where we were calculating Wet Yield rather than Dry Yield when creating certain tabular reports. The data stored at the polygon level is/was accurate, but the values that were stored as pre-calculated values for consumption in these reports (and Aggregate Reporting Dashboard) were showing Wet Yield instead of Dry Yield.
    • Remedy: 
    • A Summit user will be required to recalculate all stats for all Yield: Seed (read: Corn, Soybeans, *, Wheat). They will be presented a progress bar at startup with a Cancel button. If a user clicks Cancel, they will be shown a message that lets them know that they continue to receive this prompt until such time that they allow it to complete.  AGAIN: It can be cancelled and does not prevent their ability to sync. They will be shown this prompt on every launch of Summit until they have successfully completed recalculation. 
    • If a report requires stats to be present, and the stats are not calculated, Summit will calculate the stats and store new values. 
  • Best Practice:
    • Let the process run during a period of inactivity. We understand that this has the potential to be very inconvenient, which is why we worked to make sure we do not prevent a user from using Summit while we clean up invalid data.
  • Offset Repair:
    • Situationally, Yield polygons did not have the correct offset values applied. This involved a Summit command in order to correct.
    • This required a migrate of data both locally and on the server. The local migrate of the data is not cancelable and must complete before a user is able to sync. This manifests as a Summit command and a user will be forced to look at it, unfortunately.
    • Why? If we do not force this to occur, it becomes possible that invalid data will be synced up and displace server-migrated data. This is to ensure that once data is migrated, it stays migrated.
    • How long did the migrate take? Some loose metrics:  3-4 secs for a 60 ac layer to migrate. 
  • Yield Monitor Serial Number:
    • We were not capturing and/or persisting Monitor Serial Number during import, whether it is done locally (via Summit) or online ( 
  • Local Imports:
    • All supported formats have a Serial Number available. Some formats (or datasets) do not support/provide Serial Number.
    • This does not address already-imported data, only newly-imported data. 
  • Online Import:
    • All supported formats will have a Serial Number available when format supports the concept of Serial Number and it is populated. Otherwise it will remain null and be expressed as "Unknown" in the Yield Editor within Summit.
    • Online Import had this ability restored mid-December. 
    • This does not address already-imported data, only newly-imported data.
  • Formats capable of supporting Monitor Serial Number:
    • AgLeader: AgLeader 3, Advanced Text, ILF and YLD
    • John Deere: Greenstar Original, Greenstar GS2/3
    • Precision Planting:  Yieldsense
    • Case: Voyager 1 and 2
  • Yield-by-Stats function properly after a Merge occurs: 
    • Addressed issue where background-calculated Yield-by-Statistics failed to execute after a merge via local import (Same Crop + Season + FieldID). Since the data has changed, the stats must be recalculated.
  • Yield not loading in Maps:
    • Have implemented changes to address this issue.
  • FarmRite Reports: Yield reporting as user-defined:
    • Addressed issue where Yield (points) did not map when a user-defined legend is assigned.
  • Viewing Tile Line operations in Records:
    • Addressed issue where Tile Line operations would not load in Records.
  • John Deere As-Applied with missing Seeding Rates:
    • Data-specific instances of as-applied data where Seeding Rate was present in the proprietary data but not captured.
  • Sync issues for comma-separated users:
    • Related to comma vs decimal separated values causing Fields to not sync properly.
  • Polygon Soil Sampling enforcing SampleID unnecessarily:
    • Resolved an issue that put a user in a position where they cannot select another polygon in a soil sampling operation and requires a user to populate SampleID even if user does NOT desire to do that.
  • Duplicate Report Pages - Imagery:
    • Situationally, Summit created duplicate pages when reporting imagery in Record Reports.
  • Summit FR Dashboard date filters:
    • Changed to inclusive rather than exclusive - e.g. selecting today's date returns results with today's date.
  • Cotton Analysis Surfaces:
    • Cotton Yield data was not properly communicating Turnout Percentage for task execution. 
    • This was a fix implemented server-side during Task execution - was deployed to PROD on 21 December
  • Generous Merging of Point operations in Maps:
    • User could merge non-compatible operations in Maps. Have now properly ensured that only eligible layers of data are merged.
  • YieldSense - Invalid files hang/crash Summit:
    • Summit will now survive invalid files and continue import
  • Sync/Yield - Set admin of future data:
    • Yield that is imported locally will now properly set the admin IF set to specify another user as the admin.
  • Yield by Management Zone report listing wrong crop in title:
    • A user has lost the ability to specify a report title in the report settings for Yield by Management zone. This means, whatever this value was when the ability was lost is what the report title has been ever since.
    • The Report Setting will now have the value that was previously used - a user will now have to change this report title if they desire to have Crop-specific text in their report title.