sirrus Version History

SST Software

Sirrus Version 2.4  \\  Released:  June 23, 2016


New features include: 

  • Nematode Sampling
  • Default Crop Protection & Fertilizer, Planting, Tillage to Rec.
  • Added Report Created Date
  • Recents Search  \\  Premium

Sirrus Version 2.2  \\  Released:  Feb. 4, 2016


New features include: 

•  Add tank mix descriptions to comments
•  View relative maturity in the variety pick list
•  Add name and notes to all operations being saved
•  View company name with registration codes on the pick list
•  Sirrus Premium users can now view seed company’s tech sheets for varieties

Sirrus for iPhone Version 1.1  \\  Released:  Aug. 1, 2016


New features include: 

  • Recs To Do - Past Due section
  • Sirrus Premium Subscriptions
    • Recommendation Summary Report
    • Scouting and Recommendation Report
    • Labels/SDS Search
    • Variety Information Search
    • Recent Search
  • Use Management Zones during collection
  • Move Farms and Fields

Sirrus for iPhone Version 1.2  \\  Released:  Sept. 14, 2016


New features include: 


  • Background Syncing
  • Product Specific Shortlists for Units
  • Larger Text in Weather sections
  • Navigate to a field using Apple Maps
  • Auto-Save activities in case of crash
  • Grower Rainfall reports

Sirrus Version 2.3  \\  Released:  April 11, 2016


New features include: 

  • Support 4000 characters in Comments/Notes
  • Support EOS Arrow GPS Bluetooth Receivers

Sirrus for iPad Version 3.0  \\  Released:  Dec. 17, 2016


New features include: 

  • Background syncing
  • Show area when viewing activities
  • Product specific shortlists for units
  • Auto-Save activities
  • Home screen dashboards
  • Activities section
  • List view in collection
  • Default mgmt. zone’s legend shown on field
  • New legend view for nutrient and fertilizer recs
  • New Sirrus Premium features
    • Legend view for soil sampling results
    • Soil sampling and fertility dashboard tiles
    • Crop Planted (show variety and planting dates)

Sirrus for iPad Version 3.0.3  \\  Released:  Jan. 24, 2017


Reinstated the Following Features: 

  • Settings are accessible in soil sampling collection and boundary collection 
  • Viewing of soil sampling results on the map for Non-Premium users 
  • Viewing total area and selected area in boundary creation 


Bugs Fixed:
Crashing Issues:

  • Fixed various issues that caused crashing after the V3.0 update. 


Soil Sampling Issues:

  • Fixed excessive load times for Soil Sampling operations in notifications list. 
  • Fixed the issue that caused a loss of Soil Sample ID when editing. 
  • Fixed the issue that resulted in the disappearance of points when recovering grid Soil Sampling. 
  • Fixed the issue that prevented grid Soil Sampling a single polygon in the field boundary.

Sirrus for iPad Version 3.0.4 Update \\ Released:  Feb. 15, 2017
Bugs Fixed: 

  • Edit Field Boundary Clipping 
    • Fixed an issue where edited field boundaries would clip to the previously cleared polygons of that same field boundary 
    • Fixed an issue where appending a new polygon to a boundary would cause the original boundary to disappear 
  • GPS Direct Connect Lagging Issues 
    • Fixed an issue where certain GPS receivers were causing lagging issues while GPS logging was taking place, for example in Soil Sampling or GPS Boundary creation 
  • Miscellaneous Crash Fixes

Sirrus for iPhone Version 1.3 Update \\ Released:  Feb. 20, 2017


New Features:  

  • Default Management Zone 
    • Added support for setting default management zones per field. These will not be synced from Sirrus for iPad or Summit. 
    • User will now see default management zones with a legend in the home section and activities section while at the field level. 
    • Default management zones will be loaded with their legends by default when starting any activity collection. 
  • Activities 
    • Added a filter to the activity section.  
    • User can now filter the activity list by activity type. 
  • Premium Reports 
    • When populated, banding percentage will now be used in calculating the product totals shown on the Premium Reports (Scouting and Recommendation, Recommendation Summary). 
    • If banding percentage is being factored into a total, an asterisk will be placed next to the total and the banding percentage. 
    • The calculation is simply (Product Rate * Banding% * Applied Area = Product Total) 
  • Weather 
    • Recent rainfall list is now sorted by greatest rainfall amount 
    • The recent rainfall list found at the grower and farm level home sections, showing the last rainfall event and total rainfall amount of that event, will now be sorted by greatest rainfall amount in the past 24 hrs.   
    • Added Local Weather button to auto-populate weather attributes.   
    • User can now populate the Field weather section of Scouting, Crop Protection & Fertilizer, Tillage, and Planting using Iteris' current conditions by pressing the "Add Local Weather" button next to the attributes. 
  • Follow Me Button 
    • Added follow me button to Boundary Creation, Home and Activities Section and Viewing Activities. 
  • Sirrus Premium 
    • Added planting date and variety hybrid to the grower and farm level crops planted tool. 
    • User can now easily access Variety Tech sheets for each field. 
    • Sirrus Premium demos are now accessible by simply using any of the premium features, but the feature set is limited in demo mode.

Bugs Fixed: 

  • Fixed an issue where activities saved prior to midnight UTC weren't being included in that day. This was most prevalent in AUS because UTC midnight is 10 a.m., so recs in the morning weren't showing up on reports.   
  • Fixed an issue with phrases spoken into the phone using dictation that contained an illegal character (as defined by the agX API), and Sirrus would erase the entire phrase. Now the phrase is applied and illegal character(s) are stripped out.

Sirrus for iPad Version 3.0.5 Update \\ Released:  April 4, 2017


Bugs Fixed: 

  • Fixed issue with GPS offsets. Offsets are now applied to the correct side. 
  • Fixed issue with GPS log interval.  Sirrus was ignoring Min Distance and only using Min Time.   
  • Fixed issue with GPS signal notification. Sirrus was notifying for brief signal degradation. User will notice the tolerance adjustment of the notification to be less intrusive. 

Boundary Creation 

  • Fixed issue with closing a field boundary. The user can now easily close a field boundary after pausing GPS to correct a bowtie. 

Soil Sampling 

  • Fixed issue with grid definition. User can now use a decimal comma when using Sirrus in Portuguese.   
  • Fixed issue with editing soil samples. Lab results are no longer cleared during editing in some cases. 

Performance Issues 

  • Fixed issue with Maps. Optimized performance by improving efficiency with maps throughout the app. 
  • Fixed several crashes and memory issues.