sirrus Version History

SST Software

Sirrus Version 2.4  \\  Released:  June 23, 2016


New features include: 

  • Nematode Sampling
  • Default Crop Protection & Fertilizer, Planting, Tillage to Rec.
  • Added Report Created Date
  • Recents Search  \\  Premium

Sirrus Version 2.2  \\  Released:  Feb. 4, 2016


New features include: 

•  Add tank mix descriptions to comments
•  View relative maturity in the variety pick list
•  Add name and notes to all operations being saved
•  View company name with registration codes on the pick list
•  Sirrus Premium users can now view seed company’s tech sheets for varieties

Sirrus for iPhone Version 1.1  \\  Released:  Aug. 1, 2016


New features include: 

  • Recs To Do - Past Due section
  • Sirrus Premium Subscriptions
    • Recommendation Summary Report
    • Scouting and Recommendation Report
    • Labels/SDS Search
    • Variety Information Search
    • Recent Search
  • Use Management Zones during collection
  • Move Farms and Fields



The Text Block element is a smart combination with both a header and paragraph, to help you create cohesive, uniform sections on a page. Easily drag and drop a Text Block onto your canvas and then edit properties such as font, position, color, fill etc. to complement your design.

Sirrus for iPhone Version 1.2  \\  Released:  Sept. 14, 2016


New features include: 


  • Background Syncing
  • Product Specific Shortlists for Units
  • Larger Text in Weather sections
  • Navigate to a field using Apple Maps
  • Auto-Save activities in case of crash
  • Grower Rainfall reports

Sirrus Version 2.3  \\  Released:  April 11, 2016


New features include: 

  • Support 4000 characters in Comments/Notes
  • Support EOS Arrow GPS Bluetooth Receivers