Sirrus for iPad

Your solution to in-field mobility.

Farming occurs in the field, not the office. Manage data collection anytime, anywhere using SST Software’s Sirrus for iPad. Sirrus for iPad helps organizations take their precision ag program to the next level by adding in-field mobility. Sirrus functions with or without wireless service and seamlessly syncs to other SST platforms. 


Capitalize the value of in-field management and increase the economic value of every acre using Sirrus for iPad Premium. Sirrus for iPad Premium empowers sales agronomists to make critical changes in the field and when consulting with a client. Download it today to experience all the features and benefits of Sirrus for iPad. 


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Sirrus for iPhone

Connect with your growers.

Communication, accessibility and convenience is important to service providers and growers. With Sirrus for iPhone, sales agronomists can deliver information directly into the hands of growers. Sirrus for iPhone is free and is revolutionizing the way service providers interact with their growers to strengthen relationships. 


Key Features: 

  • Share Scouting Activities
  • Share Field Activities
  • Share Recommendations
  • Sync from Sirrus for iPad and SST Summit

Scouting & Recommendations

Cover more acres in less time to assess pest pressures and create recommendations directly in Sirrus. Sirrus for iPad is designed to help users efficiently capture information such as weeds, insects, diseases and crop damage. SST’s standardized picklists keeps data consistent and helps train new scouts or speeds up the day for seasoned agronomists. 


Key Features:

  • Sync Data to Growers or Other Agronomists 
  • Collect In-field Observation Photos 
  • Scout by Point or Polygon
  • Share Recommendations
  • Record Field Activities 
  • Use Imagery to Guide Crop Scouting and Recommendation Creation \\ Premium Feature

Soil Sampling & Fertility

Manage the soil on your fields efficiently and with precision. Sirrus for iPad has what is needed for intensive soil sampling services so you can make informed fertility decisions. Upgrade to Sirrus for iPad Premium to edit recommendations in the field and to make treatment adjustments while meeting with growers. Send re-calculated recommendations directly from Sirrus for iPad Premium to the controller for application.


Key Features: 

  • Sample by Grid or Zone
  • Customize Grid Size and Placement
  • Resample Using Point from Previous Seasons 
  • Export Recommendations via Slingshot or Shape File
  • Create and Edit Variable Rate Recommendations \\ Premium Feature
  • Edit Soil Results \\ Premium Feature

Management Zones

Create insights that increase profits and reduce risks. By using precise, uniform management zones in Sirrus for iPad, you have the ability to make effective variable rate application decisions. 


 Key Features:

  • Sync Management Zones from SST Summit 
  • Customize Recommendations by Zone
  • View Color-coded Classifications
  • Use Zone to Guide Crop Scouting


Nutrient management and crop protection is a vital part of precision agriculture. Sirrus for iPad puts decision-making reports in your hands. PDF reports can be customized with an organization’s logo and emailed directly to the client. 


 Key Features:

  • Fertility Reports
  • Operation Reports 
  • Recommendation Summary Reports \\ Premium Feature
  • Scouting and Recommendation Reports \\ Premium Feature
  • Drainage: Tile \\ Premium Feature

Additional Features

Download it today!


Generate advanced site-specific information across fields while in the field.


Standardize data content using picklists.


Maintain and sync activities easily, and access data anytime, anywhere.


Automate data and increase efficiencies.


Communicate data to
all stakeholders.

Boundary Collection

Collect and edit boundaries using high-resolution, geo-referenced imagery.


Real-time weather updates for your fields.

 Product Labels
Premium Feature: Access product labels to get answers to pesticides, fertilizers and seed treatments.

 safety data sheets

Premium Feature: Access a continuous growing library of labels and safety data sheets.

 Variety Tech Sheets

Premium Feature: View various seed product characteristics to make the best economical decisions.

GNSS-RTK Compatibility

Global positioning system (GPS) connectivity anytime, anywhere is important to Sirrus users. With quality global navigation satellite system (GNSS) and GPS connectivity, Sirrus users receive real-time, high-precision GPS information. Use any of the supported connectors below to ensure your RTK or high-end GNSS/GPS system is compatible with Sirrus to collect accurate boundaries and other data. Sirrus displays the quality of signal and warns you if the signal drops in quality.

The following units are available from AMAN Enterprise: 


  • NMEA – BT
  • Lightning Connector
  • 30 Pin Cable
  • NMEA – LP

iOS compatible systems from Eos Positioning Systems: 


  • Arrow Lite Submeter GPS
  • Arrow 100 GNSS
  • Arrow 200 GNSS

The following units are available from

AMAN Enterprise:



  • NMEA - BT
  • Lightning Connector
  • 30 Pin Cable
  • NMEA - LP


iOS compatible systems from

Eos Positioning Systems:



  • Arrow Lite Submeter GPS
  • Arrow 100 GNSS
  • Arrow 200 GNSS



Sirrus Premium

Premium services require a premium product.

Your holistic, in-field solution for precision agriculture. Upgrading to Sirrus Premium is easy. Upgrade within the app or call SST Software so you're prepared to make critical decisions in the field. 


Key Features: 

  • Product Labels
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Variety Tech Sheets
  • Recommendation Reports
  • Advanced Recommendation Editor
  • Use Imagery for Scouting and Recommendation Creation
  • Edit Soil Results