Streamline your record keeping, create reports and stay informed with SST Summit Basic. Summit Basic provides you with the precision agricultural management tools needed to maintain an integrated reporting and record keeping system. Information about your operations is kept secure and easily accessible using a tablet or desktop computer. 


With Summit Basic, you can quickly access information from past years to current day – helping you make better decisions to improve productivity and profitability. Download a free 30-day trial of Summit Basic to begin experiencing a robust all-in-one record keeping and reporting system. 

Designed to improve your operational efficiencies and increase your bottom line, SST Summit Professional processes raw farm data into valuable information reports. In conjunction with FarmRite, Summit Professional is a hybrid solution between desktop software and cloud-based services. This combination delivers the power of a desktop GIS with the benefits of cloud technologies for automated processing, data synchronization, storage and product delivery.

Summit Professional allows you to process more acres with minimal increase in workload. If you have multi-site organizations, quality standards are maintained, and product offerings stay consistent and customizable across regions. SST Summit Professional works seamlessly with FarmRite, Sirrus, SST Viewer, SST Analytics and third parties in the agX Store.


Recommended System Requirements

Windows 7, 8, 10 | Compatible with 64 bit systems | 2.5+ GHz Processor Speed | 8 GB RAM | 250+ GB Hard Drive Size | Fast Ethernet LAN



Everything that happens to a field should be recorded with spatial attributes. Every farm operation, whether it affects the entire field, part of the field or a point within the field should have a latitude and longitude associated with it.


Map layers can be created within SST Summit or seamlessly added from Sirrus. Set colors and classifications for each type of map to create uniformity across all fields. Various maps can be combined to create new information-based layers and reports that lead to better management decisions.


Key Features:

  • Management Zone Creation
  • Visible Layer Setting
  • Legend Editor

Boundary Creation

Field boundaries are the first step of precision ag world. SST Summit provides users the ability to digitize accurate boundaries on high-resolution, geo-referenced imagery. Multiple search features make locating fields easy. Within minutes, a field boundary is created and is ready to have additional map layers associated with it.


Key Features:

  • Common Land Units (CLU’s)
  • Common Field Boundaries
  • Edit Vertices

Management Zones

Develop and utilize management zones in numerous ways within Summit. Zones can be easily created from existing polygons, such as soil types, fertility classifications or tillage operations. Management zones can be used to aid decision-making throughout the season, to guide crop scouting and product applications, and to create advanced information products within FarmRite's analysis and reporting features.


Key Features:

  • Quick Creation Based Off Surface Layers
  • Easily Editable Management Zones
  • Set Default Management Zones 

Variable Rate Applications

Manage fertility in SST Summit by creating nutrient surface maps and corresponding product application maps. Product application files can then be exported to a number of different controllers. Beyond fertility, use Summit to create variable rate planting recommendations.


Key Features:

  • Batch Recommendation Exports
  • Product Recommendation Editor
  • Default Product Recommendations 

Additional Features

Driving agronomic efficiencies and insight.
Download a free 30-day trial today!


Collect and store geospatial data.


Standardize data content using picklists.


Centralize data in the cloud.


Automate data and increase efficiencies


Communicate data to
all stakeholders.


Customize UI and
reports with your brand.


View weather updates for your fields.

Third-party Integration

Integrate value-added applications via agX.


Maintain one record for each field.


Generate reports to make better decisions.

SST Summit Professional


SST Summit Basic