Business Intelligence. Agronomic Insights.

Get deeper insights to make better, larger-scale agronomic decisions. Advanced analytics is no longer just for analysts. Using cloud-based data and analytics, you can add business intelligence to your precision agricultural program with SST Analytics.


SST Analytics gives you actionable insights so you can quickly analyze and visualize data within your company. Use SST Analytics to provide valuable guidance to your clients and to benefit your company’s current and future performance.

Scouting Data

View crop issues across your entire dataset. Analyze the location(s) where issues are present and the underlying information needed to determine the severity or density. Using this feature in SST Analytics, will help you make actionable decision on a larger scale to decrease costs and increase efficiencies. 


Key Features:

  • View Data by Grower
  • View What is Being Scouted 
  • Compare a User’s Scouting Activity to Others 


Market Penetration By County & State

Analyze a current season progress to determine market penetration. View total yield data for previous and current seasons to compare growth. SST Analytics also helps compares each company site's performance to determine the high performing locations in the marketplace.


Key Features: 

  • View Marketplace Progression by Location
  • View Map of Previous and Current Season’s Yield
  • Compare Total Yield Data for Previous and Current Seasons

Performance Compared To UDSA Average

Compare your company’s performance to the USDA average to drive business value. SST Analytics allows you to respond to management challenges and helps you execute performance management initiatives. This insight will help reduce costs, create growth and transform enterprises so you can achieve your goals.  


Key Features: 

  • View Crops by County Performance
  • View Crops by State Performance
  • Compare Yield Performance by Hybrid

User Stats

Compare the stats of your users to improve corporate performance in SST Analytics. Easily monitor and manage your program’s performance through monitoring deep insights on users within your company. This feature allows you to create a larger return on investment, manage overhead and oversee operational costs.


Key Features:

  • View What is Being Scouting Where
  • Compare Acres of Yield Imported
  • Compare Volume of Recorded Planting Data

Additional Features

Business Intelligence. Agronomic Insights.
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Implement operational practices tailored to your operational needs.


Plan execution techniques with responsive focus.


Search all business intelligence data on any device.


Provide value-added services to your growers.


Analyze user stats to increase productivity.

yield comparison

Compare hybrid performance across multiple seasons.

data overview

View data by grower
and field.

Hybrid details

View a hybrid's performance in your coverage area.

Soil Details

View soil type performance.

Grower Details

Compare multi-year grower performance.