SST Software


"Manage Data. Harvest Information."

This simple slogan is how SST serves the farming industry. For over 20 years, we have provided decision support tools that help farmers efficiently and profitably run their businesses. Founded by farmers for farmers, we have enhanced cultivation practices through the development of enterprise level agriculture software. This software assists industry leaders in providing top quality precision ag services. Today, our system manages site-specific data for approximately 100 million acres spanning 23 countries. Within our site, you will find solutions for every level of precision farming—from our legacy software to our agX offerings that provide back-end infrastructure and services for your organization's custom applications. Together, we look forward to helping feed the world. 

Where to Begin


For farmers, we recommend Sirrus and/or the basic version of Summit. If you are just starting to practice precision ag or have hit a ceiling with your current program, our online training & value guides will help get you started.

Service Providers

For agronomists, input suppliers, and field staff, we recommend first getting acquainted with our Five Essentials. Following this, Summit Professional, FarmRite, & Sirrus will meet your diverse needs throughout the season.

Third-Party Developers

If you have developed a precision ag app or are in the process of building your own application for site-specific farming, take a look at how our agX Platform can save you time & money while providing a competitive advantage.

Sirrus is the most advanced mobile app in the agriculture industry. Find out more on how this app enhances farm productivity. 

For farm GIS specialists, field reps, or growers, varying levels of Summit ensure you move  beyond maps to valuable information reports. 

Offering the ag industry your own unique GIS solution? Save time and resources through integration with our agX Platform. 


Latest News

Sirrus Receives Major Upgrades 
03.31.15 Winter '15 brought major new features to Sirrus.

2015 SST Vision Conference
03.18.15 Register for the Vision Conference scheduled for July 27th in St. Louis.

Adapt-N Integration
03.10.15 SST integrates with Agronomic Corp's nitrogen modeling software.

OK Farm Report Interview
12.16.14 Listen to Ron Hayes interview SST Software's CEO, Matt Waits.

Variable Rate Seeding
12.08.14 (Press Release) SST Software Sees More farmers Adopting Variable Rate Seeding.

Summit Upgrade Released
09.09.14 The new Summit upgrade enhances performance when dealing with large datasets. 

Fall Training in Champaign, IL
08.25.14 Three 1.5 day trainings will be held in Champaign, IL Sept-Oct.

Sirrus Version 1.3
05.15.14 The Sirrus upgrade with crop scouting features is now available!

Variable Rate Seeding
04.05.14 Did you know you can use Summit & FarmRite to create VRS recs?

Sirrus Version 1.2. Released
04.01.14 Upgrade your Sirrus to take advantage of new features such as the Data Bullet.

New Certification Program
02.17.14 SST is excited to announce its new SST Precision Ag Certification Program.